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The smallest but most powerful Operations Center ever.

With OrbisOX everything is simpler, the ease of use and the User Friendly interface make OrbisOX a unique tool.




Nai Connect has always been involved in security and has done so for more than 20 years by providing consultancy, design, installation and maintenance services for software for the protection of people and assets, with cutting-edge technologies for the security of homes, shops and offices. and industrial buildings.​

Our company staff is highly qualified and one of the key values on which our modus operandi is based is to constantly train and update our technicians, aware that the sector in which we operate always offers new technological solutions to the avant-garde.

Nai Connect has always made use of the most advanced technologies existing on the market and collaborates with some of the most prestigious companies, even at a global level, which operate in the research and production of security equipment.


Our ready-to-use platforms.

software di centrale operativa vigilanza


orbisox software per centrali operative
orbisox software per centrali operative
software di sicurezza e allarme veicoli


orbisox software per centrali operative e satellite localizzatori
orbisox software per centrali operative e satellite
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